Guitar Buying Guide – What to Look For?


guitar typesAre you a beginner that is not sure which guitar to play? Let me start with some myths that cloud many people’s minds:

  • You ought to start with an acoustic guitar. That is because it is harder to play compared to the electric guitar. Therefore, it shall make your fingers stronger in no time
  • You ought to start with an electric guitar because it is easy to play



  • Get a guitar type that excites you

Your first experience with an instrument shall propel to learn more about it or dump it for another. Therefore, you need to pick a guitar that excites you personally and motivates you to get to play. Before zeroing in on a guitar, you need to ask yourself the kind of music you want to play, the guitar type that draws your attention, and the kind of guitar that you see yourself playing. The answer that pops up is the guitar you long to practice and play.

However, if your aim is just playing guitar, then let the budget guide your decision.

Acoustic guitars

  • Acoustic guitars have got heavier gauge strings. These call for stronger fingering and picking.

The reason as to why you need to pick the strings of an acoustic guitar with much more strength than an acoustic guitar is because the wood top of the guitar ought to vibrate before sound in produced.


This guitar type also has a rather large body compared to that of an electric guitar. Its neck is also usually thicker to support the tension of the heavier strings.

Nonetheless, some people love the accessibility of an acoustic guitar leaning against a stand. That is why they pick it as a guitar of their choice.


  • Electric Guitars are somewhat easier to play

Electric GuitarsThis fact is true if they are well fine-tuned and because they have got a thinner neck, smaller body, and the strings are lighter. For this type, most of the work regarding sound projection is done by the amplifier and the pickups. That means that a light touch coupled with light strings make playing easier.


You need to plug this guitar type into an amplifier (it requires turning on before one starts playing).


While some go for it because it is seemingly easy to play, others shun it because of the need to plug it into an amplifier that you also have to remember to switch on before playing.

  • Look for a guitar that matches your wallet

In as much your choice must be determined by the desire to play one over the other, your budget sets the realistic option.


An electric guitar is more costly because you need an amplifier and other items which an acoustic guitar does not need. If you had set your eyes on an electric budget but the wallet says otherwise, then you could give some more time to save up the funds you need. You can check and compare the best guitars on the market at


Otherwise, if your desire is to play guitar without problems of cost, you could opt for an acoustic guitar.


  • The most difficult guitar to play is that which you have little or no interest in learning

Most people want to know the easiest guitar type. However, while both have physical differences, what makes one easier than the other is your interest. If your desire is to learn how to play an acoustic guitar, regardless of its features, you shall remain drawn to it and not the electric type with its slim features.


  • As time goes by, the desire to play another guitar type shall come naturally

Choosing one guitar type over the other does not mean that you can never play another. Experience has shown that people that started off with a strong desire to play one type slowly began wanting to play another. Motivation changes with time, skills and desire to learn more. The chances are that you shall learn how to play both of them and enjoy the thrill of learning how to play a myriad of music genres.


  • Get a guitar that is fully fine-tuned for comfortable playing

Ensure that you have your facts right. How easy a guitar is to play usually lies in its playability and quality. Ask whoever is giving you that guitar about what he or she has been done to make it easy to use. Both guitars are relatively easy to play as long as they have been fine-tuned, and the size suits the player

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